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Pokemon go hp

Is it just my phone or how is sorting by HP supposed to work? For all methods of sorting other than CP, the game first sorts by CP and then applies the sorting method. Pretty sure it sorts by percentage of HP remaining.

Pokemon go hp

It breaks the tie with CP, hence the list you see is all your highest CP fully healed mons. Asked by Buns 1 month 2 weeks ago. Sign in to Answer or Ask a Question!

Pokemon Go Tier List – Pokemon Go MAX CP

I think it means whether they are Healed or Knocked Out. Popular Pokemon Today 1 Machamp 2 Tyranitar 3 Dragonite 4 Snorlax 5 Exeggutor. Bulletin Board Pokemon GO Bulletin Board A place to post anything Pokemon GO related Latest Questions 1 Exeggutor Question 2 Dark Gary vs Dragon Gary vs Water Gary?

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