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Nokia 230 Dual SIM (белый): вопросы и ответы

By John Callaham Wednesday, Nov 25, at 9: Microsoft may have restructured its phone division, but the company is still launching new feature phones that have some interesting features. Both cameras include LED flash so each and every picture will be perfectly illuminated, day and night. Activate the camera using the shortcut camera key, look at your phone, and smile before taking the shot. The Nokia phones will also have a 2. It will also have a microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB of storage, which will allow users to store and play games, watch videos and listen to MP3 tunes.

Talk time is up to 23 hours for both phones, with standby time for up to 23 days. The Nokia phones will be available in other parts of the world in Under their current agreement, Microsoft still has the rights to make feature phones using the Nokia brand name until the fourth quarter of Menu items is random, half do not work with out data plan and mandatory SMS activation like Windows.

No possibility to download to PC to use with out data plan. Only function that works is to take selfie. Worst thing is, that there are no more decent future phones with 2 SIM support. I just bought Nokia dual sim and shocked after using that there is NO INSERT NUMBER OPTION IN WRITING TEXT MESSEGES, which is I think the most most important and basic feature of any phone in the era of year In CONTACTS you can not add Additional number to the existing contact.

A very basic and useful feature of Text messages was SEND LATER , Unfotunately its missing in this phone. MICROSOFT should bring solution to these simple issues OR return these sets from the Market and pay back to Buyers. I understand the deal and that Microsoft have the naming rights, etc etc. Why not market them as Microsoft? In that sense the lisence is for life. Bit of a shame any sort of colour seems to have disappeared from any Microsoft hardware these days What MS has against white smartphones?

My trusted Nokia has S30 and X has S40 right?

Nokia 230 dual sim whatsapp

The once famed Nokia had S60 if I m not mistaken. For me it feels like a prototype that not finished off properly, maybe all the design staffs were fired before they could. So as long as Microsoft keeps that, they can put the Nokia brand on feature phones until The date is the end of the non-competition agreement for smartphones. But, will Microsoft keep making feature phones till ? Also I think no one is really interested in these phones as a primary phone except for some. I also miss the innovative ideas Nokia always accompanied with their announcement of feature phones like Nokia Music that ultimately became MixRadio or the Angry birds game on their java phones or any other apps that was pushed along with the phones or the updates in their OS.

I was agreeing with him, just speculated about the feature phones to know his opinion. Too bad MSFT scraped McLaren, it would stop phones gap even without 3d touch Part of the original deal, MS were allowed to use Nokia on the Lumia line during the transition but with feature phones they can use it a few years longer.

Nokia 230 dual sim whatsapp

Potential feature phone buyers in India still swear by the Nokia brand for quality of build and longevity. MSFT is talking advantage of that loyalty! Atleast not in the phone segment.

The Nokia 230 and Nokia 230 Dual SIM are Microsoft's latest feature phones

And people still tend to be lured to the old "Nokia" brand for reliablility, battery life and such. It took a lot of media coverage celebrity endorsements for what nokia had achieved in India atleast. Why did they make the app layout look like iPhone? They should do a tile design so if anything, it might drive people to W10M Interesting how even in a feaure phone the design kinda imitates the iPhone.


Nokia is not gonna get in the phone business anymore. They are going to license their brand name to chinese vendors who will do all the hard work. Nokia will still design the devices and attempt to control quality. I thought they can use the Nokia brand on feature phones for ten years and only for Lumias to the end of Like who prefers dark age texting with the number keys?

The unlocked versions cost far more elsewhere in the world. For those people, this is the device to buy! And under 50 they will never be. But I doubt WhatsApp works on it I miss the good old times when sharing photos or status was so easy with wp7. W10m might be a good OS, but WP was truly a smartphone. Fell In Love At The 1st Look Itself The only thing they had left was the HERE division which is now sold , the NSN Nokia Siemens Networks now branded as Nokia Solutions and Networks division and their copyrighted patents.

Even the deal with Mozo for the replacement backs is a deal Nokia started. I believe 3 of those lower-end phones were originally meant to be Android phones before MS repurposed them. D couldnt they have used this aluminium on the Pretty sure many readers have seen this one That concept looks so mind blowing! I hope that the UI too matures to become like that shown in the render. Wow, not bad for a feature phone.

I am shocked by it having a front camera though.

Whatsapp и Viber для Nokia 230 Dual SIM

If I remember correctly it was for 10 years lisence for Nokia brand on feature phones. What ends Q4 is non-compete on smartphones. Lisence for Nokia brand on smartphones is already expired I think. Yes but if you have a Lumia on battery saver, only for hiking it can lasts days. Plus better camera, works with gloves etc.

Honestly, Microsoft should make two categories of windows phones: Ones with windows 10 mobile and one with Symbian but an optimized version of Symbian. The question I have is, does the Symbian app store if it has one have more apps than windows phone currently does? If so, does it have instagram and the other apps people complain about?

If so, they should just port those apps to windows 10 mobile. No sense, why putting a dead os on a phone?? Every hardware today can run win10, so nosense to put something else without future. I am going to bet it is Series Symbian S40 at least had a good app store and could run many java apps. Microsoft has trampled all over the good old feature packed budget Nokia devices. Would have helped in getting pple introduced to win 10 mobile.

Kin had a totally different idea than windows phone 7, 8, and It was pure social that lures dependent on apps like current phones are. I really hate what Microsoft have done with these Nokia feature phones. As cheap as they were, they were never bad in quality. My father replaced his Nokia X1 a pretty good feature phone with bells and whistles like radio without headphone with a Nokia under Microsoft Mobile.

That thing had seriously bad keyboard and some of its keys barely depress anymore. S40 at least had a sizable number of apps that could be installed. Hell, I even saw an NES emulator. Shop Surface Laptop Surface Pro Microsoft talks about the cameras in the phones in their press announcements: CAN WE ADD MULTIPAL CONTACTS IN NOKIA ?? I feel bad that this phone looks more premium than the Does this device support Bluetooth tethering? Nokia I grew up with you in my pocket man! Love the design and features of this nokia feature phone I would rather buy a or if I needed something inexpensive. I might have to find a way to get one of these to the US.

I always want one, but they wont work on any US carriers. That Q4 part is only for smartphones. Probably be good for the old folk. Lumia is nokia design as well. Yeah but the games are meh,java games ported for s Cheap Phone but quite impressive the design nokia This actually look better then the s.

Man I want that NOKIA name on the XL. Real Nokia will design and brand smartphones starting next year. If you want to claim this phone as a copy, at least say it copies HTC. Back looks like reminiscent of Nokia C5. This is a nice replacement phone for my mom just in case.

From Back it looks better than the new flagships,my opinion though. Still a better design than s. Some people do, though you have a point. Its a pain in the eyes reading his comments. People crying for updated phones, new phones, modern phones You will just not get extras, nor infos! Yes because they are only S30 instead of S No Whatsapp and Here Maps then neither. Nokias designers are on Microsoft now.

But they bought the phone divsion. Microsoft bought the whole phone division. Only if you were born after I can text with this without even looking at it. Looking awesome,specially the back Posted via the Windows Central App for Android. It reminds me Lumia XL back. I hope not, just to piss you off: Small, medium, large, wide, tall and HUGE.

Interesting to see it named "Nokia". Now they are Symbian squircles, just like the ones on my Nokia Umm, Symbian has had those since the beginning. I bet battery life on that one crushes every Lumia out there. You have to enable it to work with gloves ;. Is Symbian still being developed? Surprised how snappy it is compared to my Lumia Back looks a like back of cancelled McLaren. If they would just put in more bands, I would get one. Symbian is dead Posted via the Windows Central App for Android. Symbian still gets updates for Nokia Here One of the best OS on earth Posted via the Windows Central App for Android.

S30,s40 are java feature phones while s60 and above are Symbian smartphones. That time I checked Symbian has more marletshare than Blackberry Posted via the Windows Central App for Android. Android Central WindowsCentral iMore CrackBerry Connectedly TeslaCentral VRHeads MrMobile Modern Dad.

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