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Перевод текста песни Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) исполнителя (группы) Us3

The Blue Note Records catalogue dates back to — and names like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Ornette Coleman are just the tip of the iceberg for the most iconic jazz label in history.

Flip fantasia

He subsequently summoned Wilkinson to a meeting. But go along and see what he wants to talk about. Us3, which has changed a lot in the two decades since Torch , just reissued a remix-heavy 20th-anniversary edition. Presencer quickly cut ties with the group and has since worked with Chick Corea, Charlie Watts, and Joni Mitchell.

Kelly departed the group in and, by all accounts, is unreachable. Simpson also left the group in , and has since passed away. Below, Wilkinson, Presencer, and sampled special guests Herbie Hancock and Lou Donaldson tell the story of how they flipped more than a fantasia.

So when the Blue Note collaboration came up, it was obvious to use that song. Did you use the Lou Donaldson and Pee Wee Marquette samples on that early demo? So Gerard Presencer played on the demo? Gerard was the hot young trumpet player around town. People would come out in suits and ties, and dance to it all night.

That scene generated interest in young jazz players, as well. Then you were starting to get live bands playing along with the DJs playing old stuff. Gerard was just one of the people. I was playing mostly gigs in London on the jazz scene. Us3 knew me by reputation as a trumpet soloist. When I was 15 or 16, I started to play with the Brand New Heavies and on recordings for other acid-jazz groups.

I got to play lots of solos on those records, which is probably actually why Us3 got in touch. Did Geoff and Mel give you much instruction? Geoff, how did you meet Rahsaan? I was DJing at a club in London every Friday in Camden, and the woman managing the venue had been to New York and seen him rapping there.

We gave him the track, and he just wrote the rap overnight. Everything was recorded to two-inch tape, so when we were getting the microphone sound up, we gave him the backing track and let him freestyle. That was just one of the phrases that he said. At that time, Blue Note had been sold to another company, and they wanted more of a commercial-type record. We were into that style, because we were traveling on the road at that time, and everywhere we played was more like a ghetto. It was just a different type of music. For that song, we were sampling a record that had been made by James Brown, but we added stuff to it and made it a different record.

Who were you talking to at that session? I was talking to Charles Earland, the organ player, and the drummer, Idris Muhammad. Geoff, did you ever hear from Lou or Herbie Hancock about the song? Yeah, we met Herbie quite a number of times. At first, I thought they just edited and beefed up my original track and added rap to it. I had no idea then that it was a re-recording and was surprised to hear that it was. Thank them very much for doing that.

Flip fantasia

Were you surprised the song became a hit? In between getting signed and finishing the album, there had been a complete change in personnel at Capitol in L. It took an incredible amount of time for all the personnel to get back in place. I was thinking we were going to miss the boat. I think what actually happened was that maybe they kind of softened up the market a little bit for us. I was very surprised and shocked and happy that it became a hit. But, of course, I was over the moon about it and I sort of hoped it would lead to other things. Maybe to play with Herbie or something.

But as it happened, nothing sort of changed in the path of my career. Why did you play with Us3 only on the first album? And I said to Mel and Geoff, I should be part of the group, because I was being treated as such. I was getting all the courtesy gifts from Capitol welcoming me for becoming a Capitol artist. I think I worked for them on something else a few years later that was used on a film soundtrack with the same groove.

Geoff, what do you remember about making the video? Some of it was actually filmed in the studio. They shot this kind of sparkly, colored video , the one that you know, which did really well at MTV. When I saw it, I rang Bruce up and absolutely screamed at him, because one of the biggest things about Us3 was to open a door for jazz to younger people.

All the musicians on the album were really young, some even in their teens. It just made me furious that the two guys representing jazz in the video were some old duffers. I hated that video for a long time. It was very successful, though, and was even nominated for some VMAs. How did it feel to have the first album in Blue Note history to go platinum?

Bruce told me before it happened, actually. I was in his office in New York, and he was pointing at a space on the wall, and there was nothing there. A couple of weeks later, it went platinum. Then we kind of got blown out of the water by Norah Jones. How do you feel when you hear the song now?

I think of it more as a snapshot of who I was at 18 than anything more significant. You hear lots and lots of copies of it, whether in licks or the groove. So I think there was just something special about it.

Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

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Cantaloop (flip Fantasia) Lyrics

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