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Wargaming tales, projects and adventures from the dungeon. Sunday, 16 July The Battle of Phaselis also known as the Battle of the flaming pigs: Having unloaded from their ships the Roman invasion force trudged in land, the General was under strict instructions to make haste he must be ready to attack by full moon or his life would undoubtedly be forfeit. He had pushed the men hard there had been no time to stop and cook the pigs they had brought with them He grumbled to himself that this was always the problem attacking a enemy with out proper intelligence As the army marched forward inland the great city walls of Phaselis came into view.

As the dust settled in the morning sun he could make out an army in front of him As he strained his eyes through the heat haze he tried to assess the position then his heart sank as the unmistakable trumpet of elephants reached his ears.

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Well he thought today might be the day he would meet his ancestors at last, he pulled onto his horse and ordered the army forward. Editorial note the objective for the battle was to capture or rescue Flatulus, he is hidden to both sides in one of three key locations, troops had to capture the objectives, the gatehouse, the oasis the bridge and then search for him once found he could be escorted away and so it begins Darianus has arrayed his Lycian army cleverly anchoring his left flank on the city walls and his right flank on a small stream the only problem with the field is the oasis in the centre which will limit the movement of his Royal Elephant Corps.

For the first time the elephant Corps have hired mercenary archers. The Roman army with a strong cavalry force on their right wing, looking to circle around the Lycians but they may be hampered by the city walls. An Eagle eye view of the battlefield The quiet before the storm, the three objectives are the bridge, the Oasis and the gatehouse marked by the token in the picture.

Neither army hang about surging forward, the Romans looking to find the escaped Flatulus as quickly as possible. The Roman left wing moves forward towards the stream and both generals send out a screen of skirmish troops Y the city walls the Roman medium cavalry immediately charges a large unit of lighty armoured javelin men, but with supperior numbers they hold the charge.

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The Battle at this stage is already starting to split into three separate fights. Both generals push troops towards the bridge, movement is hampered slightly but the newly ploughed fields but the narrow stream is narrow enough for throw javelins across.

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There is more Roman infantry by the city walls backing up the cavalry charge. A unit of Slingers runs forward to capture the bridge and start looking for Flatulus. The pig handler manages to charge back into the elephant a second time. In the end infantry charge into the elephant flanks this causes it to stampede.

The final elephant eventually approaches elite seasoned veterans who have dealt with this kind of challenge before, charging in they swiftly hamstring the beast which crashes to the ground dead. With all three elephants dead there are still a LOT of troops on the field and the Romans continue to advance. Finally the battle around the bridge has gone in the favour of the Lycians, and the light cavalry cross hoping to cut off the enemy retreat, unfortunately many still throw their lives away falling to Gallic slingshot.

With parched throats many men eye the enticing water of the oasis, but with the enemy closing there is no time for a drink. Previously shaken but the elephant encounter the Roman infantry surge forward, whilst the Royal HouseHold cavalry charge in In the centre the Roman reserves are thrown in as a last ditch effort to breakthrough.

The threat of being outflanked is real again for the Lycians. And the commander form the left flank is able to run across and recapture Flatulus. The Roman general at this point decided he would rather face the wrath of the Consul than die here in the Sand. Maximus would be left to his own fate and the Romans started to withdraw from the field. Once back at their boats they would look to make land and regroup the army.

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Too much blood had been spilt now and these Lycians needed to be taught a lesson. Much feasting in the city of Phaselis that night as the army discovered the battlefield covered in well roasted pigs. Sorry I took far too many photos but is was a pretty big battle with a lot of colour and fun Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest.

Thursday, 13 July and now the roads The key thing was being able to, flex the set up more than previously which was feeling a little restrictive. As always I wanted something pretty cost effective. Hardboard, paint, sand and a bit of scatter grass did the trick I tidied up and tried some different setups.

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Wargaming king blogspot com

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