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The car was a red coupe with a bat emblem on its bonnet and a supercharged engine, although shortly afterwards it became a convertible. Television Batmobile was a mish-mash of concept-car bits.

Batman car

Events force a very grumpy Batman to come out of retirement, fight Superman sound familiar? Snyder used the comic as inspiration for the latest movie and rampage around in the massive Bat-tank. The Tumbler is cool, but this thing is cooler.

Batman's five best cars

In reality, this one was made from two Chevrolet Impala chassis structures. It was powered by a Chev V8 and rode on custom wheels shod with Mickey Thompson race tyres. While it clearly retained a jet engine poking out the back, the absence of a front intake and the addition of four exhausts each side of the bonnet suggested a V8 for normal propulsion with the jet engine for bursts of acceleration when needed.

This Batmobile featured smoke and oil dispensers, wheel slasher hubs, missiles, tear gas dispensers, ejection seats and reversible jet exhausts.

Batman car

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Apricot chew slice from Reality Bites Cafe. What would Batman choose as his favourite from all the Batmobiles?

Building Batman's car: the making of the dark knight's tumbler

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Batman car

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